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Ancient China 4

The Tibet Plateau is also known as the Tibet-______Plateau
The area of China which the western and northern parts of present day China, and which is a region of great extremes.
China's deserts are to be found in the _______of the region
The shallow river which flows across the Northeastern Plain
The plain located in present-day Mongolia
The vast stony desert which covers part of China and Mongolia
Chinas sandy desert which is considered to be one the most dangerous rivers in the world
The tallest mountain in the world.
The only places water can be found in the desert.
The important natural resource that is vital to agriculture and gives the river which runs across the "Land of Yellow Earth" it name.
The important natural features found more in the Inner China than in Outer China
The Tibetan Plateau has an average elevation (height) of two miles and so is often called the ____of the World
The mountain range to the south of the Tibetan Plateau, and the tallest in the world
China's deserts and mountain created natural
The "Long River" which flows across three plains and then to a rich delta
The flat plain known as the "Land of the Yellow Earth"
One of the longest rivers in the world that floods and has a yellow mud
The crop which grows well in warm and wet climates
The home of most of China's population that is closer to sea level
The ox-like animals which are important to herders who live on the Tibetan Plateau
China is the ____largest country in the world.