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Biology Crossword Backup!

Skin covering the top of the head
A bird which has three toes pointing forward and one back
A herb
Hormone secreted by the pineal gland and linked to the control of circadian rythmns
Austrian monk who discovered the principles of heredity
Process which leads to the production of oxygen in the atmosphere
The balancing organ of Dipteran flies
The type of eye found in insects and crustaceans
Type of insect
Type of duck
European types of this fish are thought to breed in the Sargasso sea
The study of skin patterns particularly of the hands and feet
The body excluding the reproductive cells
Species of the genus Panthera
A colony of these is also called a formicary
Largest nerve in the human body
Part of the intestine
Tissue found at the growing tips of shoots and roots
Small flowerless green plant lacking true roots
Pat of the plant through which most transpiration occurs
Term applied to certain congenital or acquired skin lesions
The main artery supplying blood to the brain
Bony tissue forming the bulk of the tooth
Type of armadillo
Another name for the incus bone
The metallic element forming part of the haemoglobin molecule
Type of butterfly
"**** of function" - a type of mutation
Acronym for a type of microscopy for looking at surfaces at high magnification
A type of newt
Type of deer
One organelle of the many found in most cells which are involved in respiration and energy production
A bone
A protozoan
An organism's expressed physical traits
Acronym for the foremost medical research agency in the USA
Type of monosaccharide sugar
Another name for the brown rat
A whip-like extension of certain cell used especially for locomotion
A bone
Formed from decayed vegetation in acidic conditions
Small horny plates protecting the skin of some animals
The name of the 2nd vertebra of the neck
A type of skin abscess
Animal having a particular feeding strategy
Type of moth; one species of which has the name Actias luna
Normally present in the middle ear cavity
A genus of mammals
Type of viper with a heat-sensing organ