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11th Grade 3rd Term Vocab Review

Comfort in a time of duress
Remove blame or guilt
To make less severe
Overly arrogant; false belief in invincibility
Not letting go of or giving up
When characters and setting are introduced
An exaggeration
Tenseness in a relationship
Highest peak; apex
Hate; loathe
Feelings associated with a word
The most exciting part of plot
Unable to be soothed
Treacherous; crafty
Fond of company
Comparison using like, as, than
Treating serious issues inappropriately
A self-contradictory statement
Non sequitur
Well-known; honor, glory
A bitter enemy
Selfless act; philanthropy
Clumsy, unskilled
Shock or excite into taking action
Designed to start fires or conflict
Intending to cause harm
Animalistic or emotional
Lament; complain
Lacking inspiration
Unable to be broken into
Ponder; think deeply
Lacking social grace
Bad-tempered person
Waver between two choices
Accept something reluctantly
Cliche character, concept, plot
Destiny; serendipity
Using the senses to describe
Publicly ridicule
Incapable of producing a result
Category of composition