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10th Grade 3rd Term Vocab

Well-known for something
Thesis statement in an argument paper
Comparison that does not use like, as, or than
Remove blame or guilt
A kiss-up or schmoozer
Type of reasoning that is cunningly false
Overly patriotic
The use of facts, statistics
The repetition of the initial sound
An imitation for comic effect
A bitter verbal attack
An interruption
To refrain from doing
A character who is a stark contrast to another
Messy; sloppy
Treacherous; crafty
Reference made to something well-known
Verbally rip apart
A disaster
Using credible sources
Subtle difference
An overused saying
Excessive or foolish boldness
Social; fond of company
Using emotional appeal in an argument
Someone who hates women
Argumentative; uncooperative
Formal release from guilt
A temporary stay
Deeply apologetic
Profane talk; heresy
Calm; not easily upset
Inappropriate humor with serous issues
Hate; loathe
Wicked or criminal
Give rise to; create
Two opposite words placed together
Story used as a comparison
A perfect society
To cheat someone out of money