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Australian, S.American, Indian and Irish Instruments

2 South American drums connected to a stand. Played with sticks.
A Native Australian
South American shakers
Irish string instrument where the strings are plucked.
Common Indian string instrument
Irish tin wind instrument
Tall South American drums played by using percussionist's hands.
Irish handheld drum
The sound of an Australian long tube instrument.
Indian double reed woodwind instrument
South American woodblock used as a percussion instrument.
Syllable system used to teach rhythm
Austrailian wooden tube
Wooden flute with no keys
Indian instrument resembles a sitar except it has no frets. It has four strings.
An Indian percussion instrument that is the primary rhythmic accompaniment in ceremonies. Made of Jackwood.
Indian Mouthharp
Irish bagpipes
2 small South American drums attached together, played by using only percussionist's hands.
Hollow box that a percussionist sits on to play.
South American Hollow Metal bell.
South American percussion instrument rubbed with a stick
Irish violin