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World Geography: Chapter 14 + review

A hot spring that throws jets of water & steam into the air
A form of language
When a country is paying more for imports than what it receives from its exports
Worshiping members of one's family who lived long ago
A belt of semiarid land that stretches across Africa from Senegal on the west coast to the highlands of Ethiopia in the east
A company or farmer who makes a product to sell
The buying & selling of goods & services among people in different countries
A sudden, usually violent, overthrow of a government
A rolling plain covered with grasses & low shrubs
A piece of land that was once part of the sea
A line of cliffs or slopes from a plateau to the plains or sea below
A person who believes that things in nature contain a spirit & who worships ancestors
A language that comes from Latin
A flat, grassy plain in the Tropics with a few trees
A ridge of sand built up by ocean waves
A flooded river valley at the mouth of a river where salt water from a sea mixes with fresh water from a river
A fine fertile soil that the wind deposits to the ground
A wall that prevents flooding & keeps back the sea
Plants that have died & rotted; material burned for heat
The number of years an average person usually lives
An economy in which the makers of products compete for the buyers of products
A low hill at the base of higher hills or a mountain range
A system of money
A food that most people eat often
A shallow body of water separated from the sea
A member of a church who travels to spread religious beliefs
The change from land that produces crops to desert land
A way to measure how rich a country is by dividing total income by the number of people
Planting different crops in the same field
A tax that countries put on goods they import
An opening in a mountain range