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Geography Ch.13 and 14 Vocabulary

A hot, dry wind from North Africa
A mass killing in which 6 million Jews and millions of other people were murdered
Variation of a language
A movement to reform Christianity
Meaning "middle," this period lasted from the collapse of the Roman Empire to about 1500
Muslims of North Africa who conquered most of the Iberian Peninsula
This word describes a city with many foreign influences
An artistic movement in which artists tried to capture the rippling of light rather than an exact image
A demand for self-rule
A new era of learning that began in Italy in the 1300's
The prime minister of Germany
Small, independent ancient Greek cities and surrounding land
Fine, windblown soil deposits
The bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church
The bark stripped from a certain kind of oak tree, used for stoppers
Districts in Switzerland
A military alliance created to defend Western Europe
The economic and political coalition in which many European countries participate
Pictures created from tiny pieces of colored stone
A country's main landmass