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Math Vocab

Author: Lauren C. Silva
Highest value minus the lowest value.
Number that occurs most often in a data set.
Positive whole numbers, their opposite, and zero.
Left side of the table, tens digits.
Used to measure changes over time.
Sum of the data divided by the total amount of numbers in the data.
Number who's factors are "1" and itself.
Outcome happens by chance.
Rules that tell which operation to perform first.
A number expressed using an exponent.
Mathematical sentence saying two amounts are not equal.
Sum of the products of each digit and its place value.
The number used as a factor.
Right side of the table, ones digits.
A symbol, usually a letter, used to represent a number.
Number written using exponents.
Result of adding numbers together.
Used to compare different categories.
Answer to a multiplication problem.
Tells how many times the base is used as a factor.
Middle number of an odd set of data.
Outcome that happens by chance.
Value much higher or lower than all other values.