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5th Grade - Chapter 4

The boundary where a freshwater ecosystem meets a saltwater ecosystem
The process of one ecosystem changing into a new and different ecosystem
A species that is in danger of becoming endangered
Organisms that float on the water in aquatic ecosystems and are unable to swim
Organisms that swim through the water in aquatic ecosystems
The continuous exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen among living things
The beginning of a new community where an earlier community already existed
A hot, humid biome near the equator, with much rainfall and a wide variety of life
The continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air
A forest biome with many kinds of trees that lose their leaves each autumn
The shallowest part of the ocean ecosystem, where the ocean floor is covered and uncovered as the tide goes in and out
Organisms that live at the bottom of an aquatic ecosystem
The final stage of succession in an area, unless a major change happens
Precipitation that flows across the land's surface or falls into rivers and streams
A biome with a lot of rain and a cool climate
The change of a liquid into a gas below the boiling point
A sandy or rocky biome, with little precipitation and little plant life
The area from which water is drained; a region that contributes water to a river or a river system
A cool forest biome of conifers in the upper Northern Hemisphere
The first species living in an otherwise lifeless area
One of Earth's large ecosystems, each with it's own kind of climate, soil, plants, and animals
A mixture of dead plant material that can be used as fertilizer
A large, treeless plain in the arctic regions where the ground is frozen all year