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Geography Terms 17-19

An extensive tract of land, mostly level; without trees and covered by grasses and wildflowers
Ground covered with grass appropriated for food of grazing animals
Narrow ridge of fine particles stone created by a current or tide
A line of connected mtn. ranges
The opening or entrance of a cave, pit, well, or den
A place where water is collected and kept for use when wanted
A small cape, headland or promontory; a tract of land extending into the sea
A fast-moving river current caused by a moderate descent
A small collection of water in a hollow place, supplied by a spring and discharging surplus water by an outlet
A pit or excavation in the earth from which substances are taken by digging
Materials found in nature; land, forests, minerals, wildlife
A large body of water nearly enclosed by land; ocean
A vast body of water covering more than 3/5 surface of the glove; the sea
The part of a river by which its waters are discharged into the ocean or a lake
The top of a hill or mountain ending in a point
A gap in a mountainous area suitable for passing through
A flat, treeless grassland of tropical or subtropical regions
A body of stagnant water, larger than a puddle and smaller than a lake
A large mass of earth and rock rising above the common level of earth or adjacent ground
Flat section of land higher than the surrounding area
A row of mountains
A tract of land overrun with heath, a marsh, a fen
Portion of land connected by a narrow neck or isthmus, but nearly surrounded by water
A large stream of water flowing in a channel toward the ocean, lake or other water body; larger than a brook
The slope of ground on the right-hand side of a river when facing downstream
The beginning of a river; headwaters
The area at the foot of a mountain
A steep fall or descent of land
A chain or range of rocks lying at or near the surface of water
Small fertile area in a desert, irrigated by natural springs
A structure constructed in a harbor for securing vessels
A large area of flat land