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German-American Culture

Maintain this when speaking to a patient of German culture.
Germans are usually ___ when faced with pain.
Germans have an ___ locus of control.
Traditional German families are ___.
This food is considered for farm animals, and may be offensive if served.
One disease prevalent in the German culture.
German is a ___ language that holds greater emphasis on verbal communication.
Distancing in the German culture is ___ than other cultures.
They are very important in the grieving process.
Do not do this when meeting a patient of the German culture. It is reserved for family members.
___ is the main drink consumed.
___ is looked down upon in the German culture.
It is customary to greet a woman first with this.
___ are difficult for German-Americans to share.
The German culture relies heavily on ___ to treat the ill.
Older family members are not expected to be ___.
Women in the family usually administer remedies and ___.
Germans ___ health care providers.
A harmful herbal practice is mixing fennel and ___ to cure infant colic.
Germans will typically try ___ remedies before seeking health care from a health care provider.