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Biology 102

Mature ovary of as flowering plant.
Deep layer of skin.
Folds or body extensions that increase the surface area for respiration.
Unchanged subatomic particle in the atomic nucleus.
Preadult stage in some animal life.
Component of bark.
Human from week 9 of development to birth.
Accumulated secondary xylem.
Mature male gamete.
Brief stretching of artery walls when ventricals contract.
Regulatory protein that increases the rate of transcription when it binds to a promoter or enhancer.
The capacity to do work.
Sperm mixed with secretion from seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.
Preception of tissue injury.
Barrel-shaped organelle from which micro tubules grow.
Infectious protein.
Human or extinct human like species.
Refers to a species that has been permanently lost.
Disk-shaped structure that bends light rays so they fall on the eye's photoreceptors.
An animal with feathers.
Cell formed by fusion of two gametes.
Narrow part of uterus that connects to the vagina.
Fluid portion of blood.gills
Heart chamber that bumps blood into arteries.
Male gonads, produce sperm.
Region where feces are stored prior to excretion.
Region where bones meet.
Pressure exerted by blood against a vessel wall.
The clumping together of foreign cells bound by antibodies.
Immature egg.
Disease outbreak limited to one region.
The study of genomes.
Eye layer that contains photoreceptors.
Opening formed when the vocal cords relax.
A neoplasm that forms a lump.