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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Words

March 20th-24th
It _____________ like spring will never get here!
Mrs. Gilland expects me to tell the ___________.
I should ___________ a lot of things when I finish school.
I can _____________ that I am 8 years old.
What ___________ is it?
What is the ______________ between a caterpillar and a butterfly?
I ______________ with my brain.
We have been learning about _____________ and opinion.
A clock has a ___________ hand.
____________ of 4 is 2.
I _____________ eat worms!
My favorite ______________ is in that book.
An _______________ is when someone tells what they think.
It is my ______________ that snakes are mean.
At the ______________ we got to dance with our friends.
That ____________ tells good time.
The ___________ hand is on the 12.
At ____________ I go to sleep.
I do not ___________ good today.