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Negative Prefix

I bought a new shirt and one arm was shorter than the other. It must have been an ______.
The puppy at the store was ______ so, I bought it.
Buy yourself a pair of ______ headphones to use with the computer.
My library card did not work. It was_______.
It is _______ to call your classmates names.
The event was _____ so we did not have to dress fancy.
We will work on the project for an ______ amount of time.
He had an ______ answer.
She did her homework in _____ ink.
It is ______ to lose your homework.
It is _____ to drive over the speed limit>
The old man was _____ an could not get around by himself.
You station rotation work is ______ work.
When someone can not read they are said to be _____.
That word problem is _____ impossible to complete. It is missing information.
His research Findings were ______.
It is ______ to talk when someone else is talking.
If you are not perfect you are ______.
Do not act _____ on our field trip.
Wait your turn. Don't be _____.