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World Geography: Chapter 15 +review

Plants that have died & rotted; material burned for heat
A group of people who have a common language, culture, and set of values
Winds that usually blow from the same direction
A place where a river becomes narrow; a strait that connects two bodies of water
An economy in which the makers of products compete for the buyers of products
A form of language
The condition of people not being able to find jobs
The buying & selling of goods & services among people in different countries
Having to do with people from central Asia who settled in eastern Europe
A piece of land that was once part of the sea
A break in Earth's crust where earthquakes usually happen
Material mixed with water that washes into rivers & lakes after it rains
The breaking up of a geographical area or a group of people into smaller groups; these smaller groups often fight with one another
A tax that countries put on goods they import
A system of money
A grassy plain in southern Africa
A very small country
A break in Earth's crust
A rolling plain covered with grasses & low shrubs
The followers of Judaism
A hot spring that throws jets of water & steam into the air
A place where different cultures come into contact with one another
A language that comes from Latin
A narrow passage between two larger bodies of water
A way to measure how rich a country is by dividing total income by the number of people
An opening in a mountain range
A situation in which people fight the government because they are unhappy with the conditions in their country
Feeling more loyal to one part of a country than to the whole country
A system that sets blacks & other nonwhite South Africans apart from whites