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world Geography

World Geography Extra Credit
Alexis Milton
The nazi program of mass murder of european jews during world war 2
An area drained by a river and all of its tributaries
One of the most important rivers of southwest asia
A long narrow deer inlet of the sea between steer slopps
A monotheistic religion based on the teachings
The skills and talents of employed people
The process of breaking up a region into small mutually hastile units
A regions distance from the moderating influence of the sea
The removal of salt from ocean water
The selling of government owned business to private citizens
A current of warm water from the tropics
Petroleum that has not been processed
The largest desert in the world
A cold dry wind from the north
An underground layer of rock that stores water
A riverbed that remains dry except during the rain season
The earth's center made up of iron and nikel
Partially decayed plant matter found in bags
The heartland or place of origin of a major culture
A place where water from an aquifer has reacted the surface
An earthen bunk used to direct or prevent the passage of water
High earthen platforms used in seaworks
A chemical created when burning fossil fuels react with sunlight
Discrimination against jewish people
Water pumped from underground aquifers
A place where crude oil converted into useful products