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Basic Cell Structure

PH of ammonia
With 20 inches & drifts, I wish I had a ?
The endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes.
These sacs contain digestive enzymes; can even digest the cell when old.
Cell membrane but also called this.
# of stars on US flag; our present hope against power
Type of Mr. H's 2000 Honda
Name for the cells internal support; suffix like humans
Plants outer cell covering; Mexico will not pay for it
Named after Italian, "Camillo" who discovered the "apparatus" in the cell.
LR Earth Sci.
PH of HCl
Mr. LR principal's Mrs. vanity license plate
Cells w/ no organelles; bacteria for ex.
The endoplasmic reticulum without ribosomes.
World fastest man from Jamaica; Or Chevy?
Enzyme in saliva
Compartmentalized cells; nucleus too!
Dark spots inside nucleus; RNA making sites
Structures where proteins are made;
5th in VT; LR wrestler
# of LRUHS tennis courts
Nuclear membrane is not solid; RNA has to pass out here
Fluid-like contents of cell; site of fibers, microfilaments
Prefix for cell taking in food; inside
Organelles that create the most ATP
Large sac-like in plants; holds water
Makes up chromosomes; genetic plan
Overall name for nervous tissue cells.
Pres. candidate that carried VT
LR Information specialist: formerly called librarian?
Look like two packs of dynamite; hold spindle fibers
VT basketball team that went to the 2017 March madness
Prefix for releasing cell contents; outside
Hair color of Ms. Gonyaw.
3 letters abbr. for organelle that makes lipids