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Plant Processes

Miles Aidnik
Period of time when the growth or activity of a plant or seed stops due to changes in temperature or amount of water.
Process by which plants break down the sugar in the cells.
Plants that do not have true roots, stems, or leaves.
How a plant grows or moves in response to gravity.
Once the ovule is fertilized it develops into a seed (2 words).
The growth and maturity of a plant (2 words).
Reproduction that only involves one parent plant
Plants response or behavior to stimuli.
Name for a flowering plant
Early stage of seed growth.
Plants that make their own food.
Process that plants lose water through their leaves.
Process that plants make sugar for their food.
Green pigment that absorbs light-energy.
When pollen enters the ovule.
When pollen transfers from stamen to pistil.
Name for cone-bearing plant.
The way a plant grows or moves in response to light.
Plants that have true roots, stems, and leaves.
Reproduction that requires a sperm cell and an egg cell to make new organism.