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Introduction to Political Science 101: A Look Back at the Quarter

the person that symbolically represents the state
isolation of citizens to prevent the formation of a rebellion
a question that citizens put on a ballot
a representative who attempts to do what their constituents want
the idea that the method used to tally votes in an election determines the results of the election
a system where sovereignty is shared between the national and local government units
ideal society
Jeremy Bentham's prison design wherein prisoners police their own actions by believing they are always being watched
an executive branch that has become too strong
consensus on what is considered reality
an official's reserve of power
a lack of central authority
a system where power is centralized at the national level
the idea that competition in the marketplace will lead to greater efficiency
the person that carries out the day-to-day responsibilities of governing
government by one lawless person
a question legislatures put on a ballot
the concept that earthly rulers receive their authority from God
a system where the local governments hold the power
model driven by economic forces and self-interests concerning the idea that political elites are newsworthy and that news coverage is free advertisement for political elites
government by a virtuous leader
voluntary acceptance of government
mob rule; government by everyone acting in their own self-interests
reality determined by personal experience
someone who believes things will work out for the best
government by the virtuous few
a constitutional government with a mixture of democracy and oligarchy
someone who believes people tend to look out solely for their own self-interests
one dominant world power determines international social and economic rules that are followed by the rest
someone who believes their voters trust them to make the right decision