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The Tempest By William Shakespeare

The king’s jester who is Stephano’s constant companion
Alonso’s “drunken butler” who considers himself superior to Trinculo
A play that has a serious plot like a tragedy, but it ends happily like a comedy
Shakespeare's wife
An airy spirit who has suffered a 12 year imprisonment in a “cloven-pine” for refusing the “earthy and abhorr’d commands” of the evil witch, Sycorax
The people who perform the action
The protagonist wins or loses against the antagonist
Shakespeare's comic masterpiece
The opening of the play; introduces important background information
The ship’s officer in charge of the deck crew, the rigging, and the cables
Alonso’s brother who wishes to take Alonso’s place as the King of Naples
The arrangement of events
An old councilor whose loyalty to the king poses a threat to Antonio and Sebastian in their plot of killing the king
Resolution occurs; conflicts are resolved; the final outcome
The actual movements and speech of characters performing
The rightful Duke of Milan whose dukedom has been usurped by his brother Antonio
The speeches between two or more characters
Considered to be the greatest writer of all time (1564-1616)
Series of events leading to point of greatest interest
He is a deformed monster whose bestial nature cannot be changed, though he has been taught to speak a language
A form of literature written in prose or poetry or a combination of the two to tell a story by actions and dialogue
Characters in conflict with the main character - Sebastian, Antonio, and Alonso
The main character - Prospero
A speech by one character alone
Turning point in the story; changes the protagonist’s fate
Prospero’s brother, the usurping Duke of Milan, who helps Sebastian plot the death of his own brother, the King of Naples
the son of Alonso, King of Naples
An island in the Mediterranean Sea - probably off the coast of Italy
Ferdinand’s father, the King of Naples, who grieves over the supposed loss of his son
Prospero’s 15 year old daughter who has been living with him on the island since their banishment from Milan when she was only 3 years old
A character either directly addressing the audience or another character to comment on the action