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Biology 102 Terminology

Plant dermal tissue that replaces epidermis using secondary growth of woody stems and roots.
Airway to the lungs; windpipe.
Sperm mixed with secretions from exocrine gland.
A small airway that leads from a bronchus to alveoli.
Evaporation of water from above ground plant parts.
Tissue flap that folds down to prevent food from entering the airways during swallowing.
Connective tissue that consists of cells surrounded by a rubbery matrix of their own secretions.
Contractile phase of the cardiac cycle.
The clumping together of foreign cells bound by antibodies; the clumps attract phagocytic cells.
Heart chamber that pumps blood into arteries.
Contractile unit of skeletal and cardiac muscle.
Experimental results.
Within a muscle fiber, a threadlike contractile component made up of sarcomeres arranged end to end.
Membranes that enclose the brain and spinal cord.
Process by which water moving through soil removes nutrients from it.
A normally harmless substance that provokes an immune response in some people.
Relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle.
Hormone secreted by ovaries; prepares the uterus for pregnancy.
Testable explanation of a natural phenomenon.
Sensory receptor that responds to a chemical.
Thin projections from the palm membrane of some epithelial cells; increase the surface area of the cell.
Hollow ball of cells that forms as a result of cleavage.
Duct where sperm mature; empties into a vas deferens.
Y-shaped antigen receptor protein made only by B cells.
Fatty material produced by neuroglial cells; insulates axons and this speeds conduction of action potentials.
One type of natural pain killer molecule.
Mitotic division of an animal cell.
In an experiment, a characteristic or events that differs among individual or over time.
Tapered ells of xylem that die when mature; their interconnected, pitted walls remain and form water-conducting tubes.
Layer of cells just inside root epidermis
Air sacs in the lungs; gas exchange occurs across their lining.
Cluster of nerve cell bodies.
Region where a neuron's axon terminals transmit signaling molecules (neurotransmitter) to another cell.
Analogous system used for testing hypotheses.
A region of stem where new shoots form.