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Science Crossword - Review

energy that sound carries when objects vibrate
energy stored in objects that are compressed or stretched
stored energy
the transfer of energy only as long as a force (push or pull) makes an object move
basic building blocks of all matter
Amount of space a sample of matter takes up
P.E. + K.E. in a system of objects
(LIGHT energy) the energy that electromagnetic waves carry
energy due to motion
the ability to cause change
State of matter with a definite shape and volume
energy an electric current carries
energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms
P.E. + K.E. of the particles that make up an object
energy stored between an object and the Earth
a group of atoms bonded together
energy that is stored and released in the nucleus of an atom
a push or pull on an object
State of matter with a definite volume but not a definite shape
State of matter without a definite shape or a definite volume