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Marine Biology 2016/17

Modified gill slits in sharks
The opening to a sponge
The class of sea stars
Hollow, dorsal nerve
The time a sea turtle can go without food
Class of sharks, skates, and rays
Flattened structure on the caudal peduncle of the fastest fish (tuna, mackerel)
Cell wall made of cellulose
The only marine bird that cannot fly
The thicker crust, made of basalt
Fish that live on the bottom of the ocean
Movement that allows bolus to move through the intestines
The plate the forms the lid over the opening of a gastropods shell
The movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
The largest sea turtle
Fins used as brakes
Smallest sea turtle
When oceanic and continental crusts collide, the oceanic crust moves underneath the continental, tsunamis and volcanos occur
The percent of the southern hemisphere that's covered by water.
Only marine bird that does not have waterproof feathers
The hinge of a bivalve
Sea snakes have these
Sea turtle that eats sea grass, seaweed, and algae
Tiny extensions of a starfish's canals that help with locomotion
One of the life stages of a jellyfish
Sea grass
These cell walls of diatoms are made of silicon dioxide
Series of bony or cartilaginous curved bars along the pharynx of fish, supports the gills
One of the four ocean basins