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Physical Science 2016/17

All charges add up to this in a compound.
Poor conductors of electricity and heat.
As water depth increases, the water pressure _______________.
Type of bond between 2 hydrogen atoms.
Represents the smallest whole-number ratio of the atoms of different elements in a compound.
Levers, wheels and axles, inclined planes.
Prefix for 4 elements.
The quantity of motion of a moving body measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
The system to be moved, the resistance.
The force that acts perpendicularly on a lever.
The family in group 6A.
An atom that has lost electrons, has this type of charge.
Neutrally charged subatomic particles.
Air resistance that's a form of friction.
Negatively charged subatomic particle
The number of electrons that a bonded atom or ion would have to gain or lose to return to its neutral state.
Type of bond between 2 Sulfur atoms.
A modified form of a wheel and axle where the wheel consists of notches or teeth around the circumference.
Calcium chloride is this type of compound.
A contact force that works against the movement of systems past each other.
Found inside the nucleus.
Type of bond that shares electrons.
A wheel mounted on an axle where effort and resistance arms are equal.
A rigid bar that rests on a pivot point called a fulcrum.