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Cycles in Nature

Animal _______ returns nitrogen to the soil.
When water evaporates, it becomes _________
________ forms in clouds and goes back to land as rain, snow, etc.
_________ of the rock after millions of years returns the phosphorus to the eco-system.
_________ is the process by which water vapor comes together to make clouds.
The ______________describes the movement of phosphorus through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.
The ____ of the carbon cycle depends on where the carbon is found.
The ____________ is the process by which carbon cycles between the oceans, the atmosphere, and living organisms.
When organisms use the food, __________ is released.
When animals die after eating the plants, they ________ and return phosphorus to the soil.
The _____________ is a continuous series of natural processes by which nitrogen passes successively from air to soil to organisms and back to air or soil
Plants use _______ to make important molecules.
_________ converts carbon dioxide to food.
When animals eat the plants, the plant _______ is converted into animal ________. (same word)
Phosphorus in water is incorporated into rocks as __________ compounds.
The _____________ is the process by which water circulates between the earth's water sources, the atmosphere, and land.
Plants get ________ from the soil.
_________ animals also return nitrogen to the soil when they decompose.