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3-20-17, 3rd Grade, Week 27

Week 27 (-arm) spelling pattern.
swarm, harm, alarm, armrest, warm, alarming, charm, harmony, harmonica, army, your, body, whole, four, soon
In the near future
Warning or signaling device; feeling of sudden fear
Mouth organ or French harp
Melody; balance; peace
A number; quadruple or tetrad
Entire, complete, unbroken, or total
Injure, damage, or cause evil
Belonging to you
Large, moving group (bees); horde
Causing fear; disquieting, or disturbing
A padded place on a chair to place one's upper limbs (arms)
Enchant or attract
Physique or frame; central portion
Heat up; friendly and kind; moderately hot
Military force on land; troops or squad