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7th Grade: Chapter 15: Islamic Civilization

Place in the desert where water can be found.
Member of an Islamic religious group that supported Abu Bakr as the first caliph and now form a majority of the world's Muslims.
Woven fabric.
Islamic law.
Art of beautiful writing.
Title for a ruler of a Muslim country.
A shrine in Mecca that is the most important Islamic holy site.
A member of an Islamic religious group that supported Ali as the first caliph and now forms a minority of the world's Muslims.
An Islamic lifestyle that emphasizes controlling one's desires, giving up worldly attachments, and seeking nearness to God.
Holy book of Islam.
Arab nomad.
Traditions believed by many Muslims to come from the prophet Muhammad.
Islamic house of worship.
Title meaning "successor" in Arabic, used by leaders of the Muslim community who followed Muhammad.
Muhammad's migration with his followers from Mecca to Medina.
The system of writing numbers we use today.
Pilgrimage made by Muslims to the holy city of Mecca.