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renaissance and reformation

Swiss reformer, solo scriptura
The attempt of Martin Luther to change the Catholic church to adhere to the bible.
Sighted pacific ocean
Daughter of Pope Alexander VI
Pope who refused to sanction the divorce of King Henry to catherine of Aragon
Prince Henry of Portugal
Leader of mennonites
King & queen of spain wanted to claim new world as own
Looking for the fountain of youth
Looking for way to china
Second wife of King HenryVII
Native americans destroyed by this
China's ambassador to india
One of three reasons for the reformation
These were sold to church members to get dead family members into heaven
Time of rebirth
Catholic church form of getting to the "truth"
From the town of Vinci
Looking for Asia, found the new world
Straits named after him
Read the Bible before teaching theology
First wife of King Henry VII
Bubonic plague
Became the head of the church of England, pulled away form Catholicism to get a new wife
Wrote the list of 95 theses
Reformers who believed in baptism at age of knowledge