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Rogers's Science of Unitary Human Beings

"Directs and patterns of interaction between the ____ energy fields to promote maximum health potential ."
"Unique identifying behaviors, qualities, and characteristics of the energy fields, which change continuously ad innovatively"
Refers to the fact that the human and environment fields are continuously change in intensity, density, and extent
"Human and environmental fields interact mutually and simultaneously"
Patients are referred to as whole and can't be divided into parts (3 words)
______ Basic of Nursing was Rogers first book
Role of the nurse is to _____ people.
Rogers theory focuses on the persons _______
"Is spiral development, that is, continuous and nonrepeating"
"principles of ______ postulates the way of perceiving unitary human beings."
"_____ Fields provide a way to perceive people and environment as irreducible wholes"
Is a domain that that has no spatial or temporal attributes (2 words)
Is defined as an expression of the life process
"coordinates the _______field with the rhythmicities of the environmental field."
Humans are viewed as integral with the ________
"Seeks to promote ______ interactions between two energy fields."
"Wave patterns in the fields change continuously and from lower to higher frequency patterns"