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Spanish Vocab Crossword

You use this to talk
You use this to make facial expressions
Your brain is in here
These don't lie
Your hair lies over this
You wear belts around these
Beards grow on here
All of your features are on this
This is on the middle of your arm
You use this to eat
Your spine can be felt here
These help you hold pencils and grasp stuff
Your neck rests on these
These make up your body structure
You blush on these
These help you make noises
Most of your senses are on here
You use this to swallow
This is inside your head
This is where all your food goes after you swallow it
This is the thing that pumps oxygen through your blood
People wear bracelets on these
These help you chew your food
You would need a sling if you broke this
You war necklaces on this
This is what your fingers are attached to