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"t" going down the entire side of the face.
Green lemon
"C" placed in the hand and make a triangle shape.
Flat "5" on the chin.
"d"'s placed togather and tapping.
"a" tapping the chin
"y"'s on top of each other and moving up and down.
"l" placed on the corner of the mouth twisting.
Pretend like your peeling a banana.
"25"'s bouncing on the chest.
"y" shaking in the air
"v" on the corner of the mouth twisting.
Index finger going down the lips.
"D" going up and down in an "O"
Index finger slightly twisting on side of nose
"u" tapping the side of the forehead.
"p" on the corner of the mouth tapping.
A squeezing in and out motion.
Index finger pointing to wrist
Flat "5" placed on the forehead.
Number "25" making a X in the hand.
"c" briskly stroking the index finger.
"g" placed on the heart.
Number "3" placed on side of the face.
"a" touching the cheek and moving outward.
"g" shaking in the air
Cross both arms on the chest.
Open five grabbing the chest and pulling outwards.
"w"tapping the chin
"b" shaking in the air.