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Casson, Sarah - Watson Caring Theory Crossword

Latin word meaning "esteem, affection'
These constitute the primal and universal psychic energy (2 words)
These types of caring relationships convey concern for another, which reaches to deeper connections of spirit with broader universe.
One carita is to create this type of environment at all levels (physical and non-physical)
A caring ____ offers the development of potential while allowing the person to chose the best action for himself or herself at any given point.
Individual healing processes can be strengthened through these types of caring relationships
Best known and most widely recognized caring theorist
Care and love are requisite for our ______ and the nourishment of humanity.
These factors provide a focus for nursing phenomena
Occurs at the moment the nurse and another come together for human to human transaction (2 words)
Effective caring promotes what?
Caring is an intersubjective human process and is the moral ideal of what?
This type of caring involves values, a will, and commitment to care, knowledge, caring action, and consequences.