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Holocaust Vocabulary

Hatred or fear of Jews as a people
'the third kingdom': the Nazi regime in Germany from January 30, 1933, to May 8, 1945
Russian word used to describe organized violence against Jews, often with the consent of government or police
victory salute used by Nazis at political rallies
Prison camps built to hold Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone the Nazis considered socially or racially undesirable
Resistance fighter operating behind enemy lines, mainly in the forests
Secret state police of the Third Reich
official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals
German word for 'Jew'
Hebrew word for the Holocaust
Term used for a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party
Nazi camps equipped with gassing facilities and crematoria for the mass murder of Jews
Term used by Nazis to describe the German people as a "superior" race
Lies or misleading information, especially of a biased or nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view, often by a government
"cleansed of Jews" - meaning no Jews are present in the land
Prime minister, head of the government
Nazi symbol
Liquidation or complete destruction of a race of people
Yiddish word for small town or village in Eastern Europe where many Jews lived
Walled section of city in which Jews were forced to live in tight quarters