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Genetics--Chapter 11--7th Grade

Teacher: Hartley
Father of genetics
Mendel worked with these
Passing of traits from parents to offspring
The study of the passing of traits
Tool used to determine possible outcomes for traits
If the alleles for handedness is rr which hand will the person use
Alleles that blend rather than have dominant or recessive
Having two of the same alleles
Allele that covers a recessive allele
Accidental change in DNA
Two alleles for this trait are required
Having more that two alleles for a trait--such as blood type
Different forms of a trait-usually two--one from each parent
Having two different alleles for a trait
If you mate a chestnut horse with a cremello what is the offspring
Color of flower if a red four o'clock and a white one are crossed
The actual expression of a physical trait
The alleles or DNA for a trait