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Pastor's Power Bible Crossword Puzzle

Whom the Son sets ____.
The richest, wisest ruler ever
How shall the world hear the gospel without this
Armor that thwarts the fiery darts of the devil
The Apostle Paul's chief understudy
Always say "No" to him
When these go up, blessings come down
God is ____.
He lives withing you
Your Savior carried this to Calvary
They were first called this at Antioch; you are one of them
The number of fish caught in the net by the disciples
The most tempting fruit in the Old Testament
Author of Psalm 23
Jesus says if you are this you cannot stand
What to always tell Satan
The ___ of the Lord is my strength
This book says there is a time for everything
It is received by belief and confession
African woman whom God blessed to be mother of a great nation.
The prophet known for weaping
The symbol of God's presence in the world
It was shed at Calvary for your sins
Do this until something happens
You are doing this during Lent
The hometown of Jesus
This faithful queen saved her people
Jesus says this is yours if you are born again
The doubting disciple
What you came here to study tonight
What Judas betrayed Jesus for
There were 12 of these
The number of persons saved on the day of Pentecost
____ is patient, ____ is kind
There are millions who follow this religion across the world
Do this if you want to be great according to Jesus
No lion could get him
The highest praise
Jesus did this to give us victory over death
It is better to ____ than to receive.
How Jesus us to begin to pray
Dr. King quoted Amos and said "Let it roll down"
It is impossible to please God without this
No water ski's needed for this disciple
What you should always say to God
Touched the ___ of His (Jesus') garment