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math plus homework

The distance "d" between two points with coordinates
Angles that are in the same position on two parallel lines relation to a transversal.
Two lines that intersect to form right angles.
Angles that lie on the opposite sides of the transversal on the inside.
The form parts theorem are reversed.
A paragraph that explains why a statement or conjecture is true.
The side opposite the right angle in a right angle.
The four outer angles formed by two lines cut by a transversal.
The two sidesof a triangle that form the right angle.
A simple, closed figure formed by three or more line segments
Angles that lie on opposite sides of the transversal on the outside.
A system of reasoning that uses facts, rules, definitions, or properties to reach logical conclusions.
Angles on the inside of the transversal
Angles on the outside of the transversal.
A logical argument in which each statement that is made is supported by a statement that is accepted as true.
A paragraph proof.
A polygon in which all angles are congruent.