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theater vocabulary

a character speaking alone on the stage.
all of the actors and actresses in a play
the main character around whom the action revolves
the point of highest dramatic tension in a play
person who describes what is happening as it happens
sides of a stage
characters within a story that remain the same and never change
words spoken by the characters in a play
a subdivision of act in a play
how the conflict of the play is resolved.
the place where the action of a play takes place
the main idea or message within the play
copies of the play the actors use
a funny or silly play
words an actor says
moves an actor makes
the major divisions of a play
the problem in a play
characters who have many personality traits like real people
dishes, furniture, and items used by an actor
person who writes the play
the opening of a play when eh characters and situation are introduced
people who watch the play
the character who cause the main character problems
Lines whispered to the audience or another character on stage