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Jacob's Crossword Puzzle

Where was Sophie taken from?
What does the BFG wear when he blows dreams?
What does the BFG catch dreams with?
What transported all the bad giants to their punishments?
What does BFG stand for?
What do the bad giants like to eat?
What is the disgusting vegetable the BFG eats?
What way did the bubbles in the Frobscottle go?
What was the pattern on the snozzcumber?
What does the giant use to blow dreams?
Which country do the giants not eat?
What does the BFG keep his caught dreams in?
Which part of the BFG's body were larger than usual?
In a dream a boy talks to the _____
How many years did the BFG have a library book?
What is the worst dream?
What did the BFG use for a fork at the queens breakfast?
What drink do the giants love?
What color was the Trogglehumper?
What do the giants do before they eat people?