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Medical Law and Ethics Ch 1 Key Terms

Laws established in all 50 states that define the practice of medicine as well as requirements and methods for licensure
Right to make decisions about one's own life
The entitlement of all employees to have certain procedures followed when they believe their rights are in jeopardy
The practical application of moral standards to the conduct of individuals involved in organizations
Means "First, do no harm"
Rules or actions prescribed by a governmental authority that have a binding legal force
Persons who specialize in the field of bioethics
Loyalty and faithfulness to others
Excessively inclined to sue
The ability to understand the feelings of another person without actually experiencing the pain the person is going through
Action of helping others and performing actions that result in benefit to another person
Lacking or indifferent to moral standards
The branch of philosophy realting to morals and moral principles
Also called utilitarianism, an ethical approah in which the benefit of a decision outweighs the cost
An ethical theory based on the greatest good for the greatest number
Gathering and evaluating information about the services provided and comparing this to accepted standards
Also known as pay equity, equal pay for equal work
The action of helping others and performing actions that would benefit another person
A ruling of an earlier case that is then applied to subsequent cases
The unwavering adherence to one's principles, maintaining high standards
Also called biomedical ethics, the moral dilemmas and issues of advanced medicine and research
Moral conduct based on principles regulating the behavior of healthcare professionals
Pity for someone else