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Chapter 17 Review Science

The shortest day with sunshine.
Fall date when day and night are equal.
One_______ is 24 hours.
_____ is when you do not see a moon in the night sky.
The Hemisphere below the equator.
______is when you see all of the moon.
Earth's satellite
______ is when the moon is getting smaller
All the planets and their moons orbiting around the sun.
An oval pattern of orbit.
The Hemisphere above the equator.
_____ is when the moon is getting larger.
A complete revolution around the sun is also known as a___________.
The moons revolution around the earth is also known as a__________.
Spring date when day and night are equal.
Imaginary line that the earth spins on.
A _______ moon is when you see a small portion of the moon.
The longest day with sunshine.
23.5 degrees
The movement of earth around the sun.