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Hazardous Tales: Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood. A World War I Tale by Nathan Hale

A British gun
A weapon that doesn't have a trigger, but has a handle
A very cold part ofRussia
A large metal vehicle used in war
A fume that will kill you
A high rank in the military
Informal term used for a member of the United States Army or Marine Corps during World War I
A tough battle in WWI
An American special military unit
Communication used during WWI, a communication station
Name of German helmet used in WWI
Term for Russian president or ruler
Name for German submarine used in WWI
A ship that the German's sunk right before America entered WWI
A German elite military unit
A long narrow ditch
An object that protects your lungs from toxic fumes
Large guns used in warfare on land that are stationary
Small sword on the end of a gun
The lowest rank in the military