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European and American Culture 05

– n. – Reverence (deep respect) for god or strict fulfillment of religious obligations (things that should be done).
– n. – (325 BC – 265 BC) The father of geometry.
– n. – A particular system of thought or beliefs based on such study or investigation.
– n. – The male head of a family or tribe.
– Greek mythology – The god of war.
– n. – The name of the place where the ancient Greek gods lived.
– Roman mythology – The god of the sea.
– Roman mythology – The junior god of love.
– n. – Greek mythology – The father of the gods.
– Greek mythology – The god of the underworld, the god of death.
– n. – A war, fought in about 1200 BC, which is the basis of the story called “The Iliad”
– n. – (384 BC – 322 BC) one of the greatest philosophers, scientists and educators in the ancient world. In 335 BC he founded his own school called The Lyceum.
– Greek mythology – The god of the sea.
– Greek mythology – A son of the father of the gods, the god of the sun.
– adj. – Ignorant, lack of good taste, about ordinary people, current, popular, common.