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Science Crossword

Atoms and the Periodic Table
Semi-conductors and in between the metals and the non-metals
Smallest piece of matter that still has the properties of the element
Compound composed of two elements
Loses or gains electrons. Between a metal or non-metal.
Identifies the element and is the number of protons/electrons
Ions formed from atoms losing electrons (positive)
Electrons in the outer most energy level
Tells which elements a compound contains and the exact number of the atoms of those elements
Substance made of the combined atoms of two or more elements
Negatively Charged
No charge
Atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons
Shiny and soft
Malleable and ductile
Positive or negative number which indicates how many electrons an ion has gained, lost, or shared when bonding with another atom
Very stable and full outer shell
The amount of time it takes for one-half of the nucleus of a radioactive isotope to decay
Ions formed from atoms gaining electrons (negative)
A force that holds together the atoms in a substance
Represents the number of units of each substance
Matter that is composed of one type of atom
Shares electrons. Between a non-metal and a non-metal.
Some of gases and some are solids. Do NOT conduct heat or electricity well.
Represents the number of atoms in a molecule of a particular element
An atom that has become charged either by gaining or losing valence electrons