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Chemistry Crossword (units 1-5)

Largest element
Element with the highest ionization energy
Latest element
In ionic compounds electrons are __________ from one element to another
Counting and identifying electrons in their energy levels is called electron _____________
The ability to be beaten into thin sheets
The set ratio of elements in a compound
Positive ion
Element used to enhance parties
Tool used to measure mass
This number can be found by subtracting the number of protons from the mass of an element.
Most common element in the universe
Radioactive element in bananas
A periodic trend that gets smaller from left to right
Chemical _______ : a set of chemical formulas that are made of reactants and products and show what happened chemically during a reaction
Polyatomic ion made from a sulfur and four oxygens
Most electronegative element
This number is equal to the number of positively charged particles in an atom
Flask with triangular shape
Creator of first periodic table prototype
6.022 x 10^23
Chemical formula for table salt.
A molecule with a charge is a:
Item worn to protect body from chemicals
The number before a chemical formula in a chemical equation
Going straight from a gas to a solid
A property not based on amount of matter
Metallic compounds don't have fixed ______
Physical state
Numerical prefix for 9