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6th grade Geometry terms

Measures exactly 90 degrees
A quadrilateral with exactly two parallel sides
Lines tha intersect to form 90 degree angles
The endpoint of two rays put together
Has one end point and extends without end in one direction
Measures 180 degrees
Formed by two rays with a common endpoint
Made of two endpoints, a part of a line
Triangles that have less than 90degree angles
A triangle that has a least two congruent sides
A flat surface that extends without in all directions
Measures less than 90degrees
A rectangle with four congruent sides
Parallelogram with four congruent sides
Lines in the same plane that never intersect
An exact location in space
A triangle that has one right angle
A plane figure with four sides and four angles
A triangle that has three congruent sides and three congruent angles
A straight path that extend in opposite directions
Opposite sides are parallel and congruent
a triangle that has no congruent sides
Measures more than 90 but less than 180 degrees
Lines that lie in different planes