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These scissors are shaped like a claw
These forceps have ridges where the thumb would go
Scissors with a long handle, short blade, thin and blunt
Scissors that have a bend in the blade and a knob on one of them as well
This instrument holds the skin away from the wound, for instance, for easy access
The smallest of the hemostats
These forceps have blades that are offset from the axis of the handle
Scissors that are very sharp and pointy
Another name for a locking forcep
This holds the needle steady during suturing
The largest of the hemostats
This clamp curves at the tip in order to grasp heavy tissue
This instrument is used to scrape or scoop out unwanted debris
The wide vaginal speculum
The narrow vaginal speculum
Scissors with a rounded blade and blunt
These scissors have a hook on one blade
This instrument aids to stop bleeding
An instrument that measures depth or direction of a wound
The medium sized hemostat