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Town in far SW Oklahoma that had a POW camp.
Fort in El Reno that had POW camp.
This town had an Ammunition Base in Okla.
President of United States during WW2
This Air Force base is in Midwest City
45th Infantry's nickname?
Well known American general who later became president.
Leader of Russia during WW2
This Air Force base is in Enid
England's Prime Minister during WW2
Leader of Japan in WW2
Japan invaded this country leading up to WW2
Leader of Germany in WW2
POW camp in Braggs, OK
Fort in Lawton that had a relocation camp
Leader of Italy in WW2
This country that starts with an F fought with Germany
This army base is in Lawton
Germany invaded this country to start WW2
Town in far NW Oklahoma that had a POW camp