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Minerals, Rocks and the Earth's Surface

The point inside Earth where an earthquake begins.
Layer beneath the Mantle.
The theory that Earth's crust and upper mantle is divided.
Thin outer skin of the Earth.
A point directly above the true center of disturbance of an earthquake.
Atoms in a mineral that are arranged in an orderly pattern.
A chain of mountains that runs through the world's oceans.
What is created from cooling magma.
Tendency of a mineral to break into jagged, rough pieces.
Melted rock within the Earth.
A natural, solid substance that has a chemical composition.
A large sheet of moving ice that stays frozen year-round.
Carbon based compounds found within natural environments.
The removal and transportation of weathered materials.
A minerals shininess.
Rock made from igneous or sedimentary rock that has been changed by pressure.
The dropping or setting of eroded materials.
How easily a mineral can be scratched.
The thick layer of Earth beneath the crust.
A deep valley at the highest part of the mid ocean ridge, where tectonic plates are moving apart.
A vibration in the Earth's crust.
Tendency of a mineral to break into a flat sheet.
A break in the Earth's crust.