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Texas Revolution

Teacher: Mr. Hughes
General ___ was Santa Anna's brother
The Battle of Gonzalez was fought for control for a ______
Santa Anna sent his troops to San Antonio is the dead of ______
The Battle of Gonzalez flag said "Come and ____ It"
This mission is in San Antonio
David ________ was a very famous folk hero
Jim ___ wielded a famous Knife
The ____________ of 1835
Erastus Smith's nickname " _______ Smith"
Texas's volunteer army was called the Army of the ________
The first major campaign of the Texas revolution was the siege of _____
Original empresario of the Old 300
Houston ordered Deaf Smith to destroy ______ Bridge
The leader of the Mexican army at the time of the Texas Revolution was named _____ Anna
The Runaway ______ was an attempt to escape the Mexicans
Urrea was ordered to take no ______ prisoners
James Bowie commanded _________ troops
The ______ Massacre is a very well known event
A ______ was a knife that was positioned at the end of a musket
Col. _____ McNeil was in charge of San Antonio