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al-Qaida Fighter-"GOD IS GREAT"

Harun used a machine gun and threw grenades in an ______ attack on a US military unit in Afghanistan.
He faces up to Life in _______ when he is sentenced on June 22nd.
Prosecutors say that Harun was under the ____________of al-Qaida leaders, including a deputy of bin-Laden.
"The defendant is a man who made _________ his life story."
Harun was in Italian ______ when he confessed to his role in the terrorist attack.
Harun had taken part in an Unsuccessful plot to bomb the American _________ in Nigeria.
As he attacked the Military unit he was ________ "GOD IS GREAT".
He was ________ of federal terrorism charges in Brooklyn, NY.
Harun was ______ from Italy to the United States in September 2016.
A term used by the terrorists to describe their war for God is a __________.